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Masonry Staining

Enhance the textures of your brick and stone with stain. Whether you’re building new, blending in an addition or restoring a historic building, our color experts have a solution for you.

Mineral Surfaces Need a Mineral Stain

 Mineral stains are ideal for coloring concrete and masonry. Created in the late 1800’s, mineral stains are time tested and proven. If you’re an architect, contractor or homeowner, mineral stains allow you to remove all color limitations when designing and building with masonry. A simple color issue might needlessly risk the success of an entire project, or even prevent masonry from being specified in the first place. Mineral stains penetrate the surface, forming a permanent chemical bond that is vapor-permeable and will not peel, blister or fade while giving you the color and finish you desire.

  • New Construction
  • Additions or Remodels
  • Historic Restoration
  • Interior Projects

Environmentally friendly, zero VOC, vapor-permeable


Keim mineral stain pigments are U.V. resistant and color stable, so whatever you choose, your building will never fade. The stain penetrates and chemically bonds with concrete so it also won’t peel or flake over time. Plus, they’re backed by a 25-year warranty.


What color will you choose? Colors are custom-mixed for each project by our highly talented applicators at the project site to ensure the color is right. 

Our Process



Whether you are building new, adding on to an existing structure, or updating, we can help! Schedule a free on-site consultation today.

Sample Approval

Before any work begins, we will provide you with a sample so that you can see what the final application would look like and make any adjustments.


Once the sample is approved, our expert team of applicators will bring your project to life.

Sample Application Process


Step 1: Base Color

Step 2: Grey Accent

Step 3: Frosting

Frequently Asked Questions

How does stain differ from paint and sealers?

Mineral stains are not a coating. They penetrate the surface and will not alter the texture of the substrate.

What are the benefits of staining vs. painting?

Stain does not seal the substrate, allowing it to breathe as designed.

Will the stain work on patios, driveways and walkways?

Mineral stains are designed for use on vertical applications only.

Can you re-color a previously stained surface?


Can you go from dark colors to light colors?

Yes, our artisans custom mix the color on-site.

What color options are available?

We mix our colors on-site with endless possibilities.

Can it be used indoors?

Absolutely. The material is a low odor and is safe to use indoors as it contains zero VOCs.

Will the stain work on a painted/sealed surface?

Unfortunately, no. The material would need to be removed prior to the stain application.

Does moisture transmit through our stain – does it trap moisture?

Mineral stains are vapor-permeable, allowing masonry and concrete to “breathe” as designed. Paints trap moisture and may actually damage the concrete or masonry over time.

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